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Sugar Puffs - Tell 'Em About The Honey, Mummy - 30 seconds

If it's j-e-r-k-y first time you view it, it's probably because of your connection speed. Doh. Play it a second time and it should be smoother.

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Like many organisations, Sugar Puffs undoubtedly viewed television as a significant channel for building a dialogue with consumers. We’re aiming to get together a catalogue of every Sugar Puffs advertisement transmitted in the United Kingdom. We’re not going to pass any judgement about what is good advertising and what is not-so good. In our book that’s one for you. Rather we’d like to make things straightforward for you to enjoy Sugar Puffs adverts whenever you want to. In our humble opinion, it’s not rare for the commercials to make the best TV viewing. And no archive of commercials could be called complete without some examples of Sugar Puffs advertising. So rest assured that whenever we find another Sugar Puffs ad, you’re sure to be able to watch it on tellyAds.