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Vision Express - What Would I Like To See?

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If it's j-e-r-k-y first time you view it, it's probably because of your connection speed. Doh. Play it a second time and it should be smoother.

Just like most other brands, Vision Express undoubtedly views television as a significant channel for communicating with the marketplace. We plan to collect every Vision Express advert transmitted in the United Kingdom since Sept 06, when our website went live. We’re in no sense making judgements about what is good advertising and what is not-so good. We reckon you’ll make a pretty good job of that yourself. We want instead to make it a piece of cake for you to view Vision Express advertisments whenever you want to. In our opinion, sometimes the adverts are the best thing on television. And no proper ad collection would be all-embracing without some Vision Express commercials. So be fully reassured that whenever there’s a new Vision Express advert, you’ll be able to find it here on tellyAds.