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Jammie Dodgers - Toffee Dodgers - Monkeys

(30 seconds)

If it's j-e-r-k-y first time you view it, it's probably because of your connection speed. Doh. Play it a second time and it should be smoother.

Similarly to most other organisations, Jammie Dodgers sees TV as a useful and compelling medium for building a dialogue with consumers. Our aim is to carry every Jammie Dodgers ad aired in the United Kingdom since September in 2006, when we set up in business. We certainly don’t wish to make any sort of evaluation about which ads are hot and which ads are not. That we believe is your job. Instead we’re making it easy for you to enjoy Jammie Dodgers adverts whenever you get the urge. In our opinion, it’s not uncommon to find that the adverts are the best thing on the box. And no collection of advertisements would be all-inclusive in the absence of a sprinkling of Jammie Dodgers advertisements. So take it from us that the next time there’s another Jammie Dodgers advert, you’ll almost certainly find it here to watch on tellyAds.